Why do Asian women like white skin?

Why do Asian women like white skin?

While Western women are very fond of tanned skin because they think it is a sign of health, Asian women are fascinated with porcelain white, soft, gentle skin. So where is the secret of porcelain white skin? Why is there such a strange "seduction" power?

Why do Asian women like white skin?

Women's preference for porcelain white skin probably stems from the traditional views mentioned before. A woman is considered the standard when wearing a gentle, gentle, and kind beauty in the style of "full moon shape". regular, his features blossomed. A girl with a small, wrinkled body, a full-body, long black hair, and smooth, pinkish-white skin is considered ideal.

Over time, this hobby has become a popular habit in society. To the extent that the media in many Asian regions has gradually formed an idealized view of the image of women with whiter skin, There are even those who believe that having white skin will help women demonstrate higher social status because they will appear cleaner and wealthier than those who have black skin.

According to a survey, 61% of women think that they look 5-7 years younger when they have smooth white skin, and 49% say that smooth white skin can hide the wrinkles of age. That is why many Asian women now accept spending large sums of money to ensure that their faces are always as white and radiant as possible.

Whitening method of today's standard!

Because white skin is worth pursuing, many people are willing to invest a lot of money and effort to keep their skin to achieve the perfect look. The current methods applied by Vietnamese women as well as Asian women include external skincare and the addition of internal whitening ingredients contained in the pill.

Skincare whitening

External skin care is considered an indispensable skincare cycle for any girl, as it will ensure factors such as cleansing the skin with cleansers/toners or detoxing/exfoliating with serums/essences. intensive ingredients - followed by moisturizing, whitening with serum / Essene with specialized ingredients such as Retinol / Vitamin A, C, or cream, and finally indispensable sun protection step for the skin.

Whitening injection

Skin whitening infusion (injection) is a method of direct transmission of skin whitening nutrients into the bloodstream to reduce the pigment of melanin cells, making the skin whiter.

In addition, this method also slows down the aging process and nourishes and regenerates cells for younger-looking skin. Dead cells, acne, and flaking cells caused by dry skin are removed in many whitening infusions.

There are two popular types of whitening infusions today: Vitamin C whitening infusion and Glutathione whitening infusion.

Whitening pills

Currently, t skin-whitening usage ingredients with oral tablets are gradually becoming popular. The addition of special skin-whitening ingredients such as L- Glutathione or Vitamins C, E.., which contributes to stem cell nourishment, collagen proliferation not only brings health benefits but also has the effect of very impressive white skin.