Skin white activities that are safe and effective

Skin white activities that are safe and effective

Most Asian girls prefer porcelain-white, plump skin. That is the leading beauty standard, the beauty that every girl strives to pursue. Therefore, whitening is the second most important step in the daily skincare process of women. However, "how to choose cosmetics containing ingredients to have a high whitening effect and still be benign for the skin" is the concern of many women.

Therefore, in this article, Hanveley will mention and analyze the golden ingredients in the whitening village, often found in daily skincare products that are effective but still safe for all skin types. If you are wondering how to choose, after this article, Hanveley hopes to be able to help you come up with the most suitable skin-whitening solution.

We do not necessarily need to have all of these ingredients in the same product because too much of anything is not good!

1. Vitamin C

As an excellent antioxidant, highly effective for cases of hyperpigmentation, it slows down the production of melanin. That's why most whitening products contain some form of vitamin C (for example, MAP, AA2G, LAA, SAP,...).

2. Glutathione

known as the "mother" of anti-aging agents. Glutathione has the effects of anti-aging, anti-cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases. Glutathione has the effect of protecting cells from toxins and free radicals, so it also helps to protect melanocytes from free radicals and enzymes that stimulate the production of melanin, causing dark spots.

In addition, when using Glutathione, you should combine it with Vitamin C. This creates the ideal environment for Glutathione to work at its best.

3. Kojic Acid

It is derived from a fungus and inhibits melanin production. It penetrates the epidermis to brighten the skin. Usually, using Kojic Acid with a concentration of 1–4% will have a whitening effect. However, this ingredient can cause some side effects such as redness and irritation, so please pay attention to using a low dose (1%). Test the reaction on the back of your hand before using. Use it on your face.

4. Arbutin

Extracted from the bearberry fruit, this is a substance widely used in skin-whitening lines in Japan and Korea. Arbutin helps inhibit the enzyme that produces melanin in the cells, which is quite benign and does not cause unwanted side effects. In addition to whitening effects, Arbutin can also help anti-aging and prevent free radicals.


Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) can fade age spots and even out skin tone. Although it cannot inhibit melanin production, it does reduce the amount of melanin converted into melanocytes by more than half.

Besides, Niacinamide is extremely stable and is not affected by high temperatures or light like other chemical cosmetic ingredients.

6. Retinoids

Retinoids are the common name for derivatives of Vitamin A used in skincare products. Since 1971, retinoids have emerged as a kind of "Cure-all"—i.e., solving all skin problems. It is often used a lot in acne treatment and darkening after acne. Because of their ability to promote skin regeneration and repair, retinoids can make skin healthier and brighter.

Finally, to avoid using poor-quality cosmetics or creams mixed with "instant skin whitening" advertisements, you need to equip yourself with the skill of reading the ingredient list. For any skin whitening product, girls, look to see if there are 1 of the 6 active ingredients that Hanveley has introduced in the ingredient list!