White skin plants: are they good?

White skin plants: are they good?

Currently, thanks to the development of processing technology in the beauty market, many types of foods have begun to appear that help improves the beauty of the skin for consumers, including very popular skin-whitening pills. Favored by its convenience, it gives the feeling of having long-lasting pink and white skin thanks to its effects from the inside.

However, the most frequently asked question is "Is it really good to use whitening pills?", which is the biggest concern for most women. So what is a skin-whitening pill? Let Hanvely answer this question!

What are skin-whitening pills?

Skin whitening pills or skin whitening pills contain functional foods containing ingredients such as collagen, vitamins, glutathione, etc. to help protect health and at the same time support the skincare process. When absorbed into the bloodstream, it will directly affect the skin from the inside, inhibiting the production of melanin, thereby brightening and smoothing the skin, increasing skin structure regeneration, and preventing aging.

The main ingredients and uses of skin-whitening pills

Ingredients such as Glutathione, vitamins (B, C, E,..), Tranexamic, Alpha Lipoic, and L-cysteine are always found in skin-whitening pills. In which, it must be said that "glutathione" is the ingredient that tops the list of skin whitening agents because of its outstanding antioxidant effect.

Glutathione is found in the liver, meat, and some vegetables. According to evidence from American researchers, supplementing with a certain amount of glutathione will help whiten the whole body through the mechanism of increasing the production of light pheomelanin pigment and preventing the formation of dark eumelanin from the dermis. of the skin, the dermis is gradually pushed up the dermis and eliminated from the epidermis. All these processes follow the biological skin regeneration cycle of 45 to 60 days. In addition, this ingredient also has the function of increasing the immune system and preventing cancer.

Besides, vitamin C is also one of the "bright" ingredients that help form collagen, heal wounds, and reduce dark spots. However, it also has the effect of strengthening the immune system, anti-aging, and helping to brighten the skin.

So are skin-whitening pills good?

Any kind of skin whitening pill that wants to be licensed to circulate on the market must go through a series of tests, standards, and health safety certifications. And of course, skin whitening tablets will not affect your health if you use products of clear origin and ingredients that are certified by the Ministry of Health to be safe for your body.

How to choose genuine skin-whitening pills that do not cause side effects on the body.

When choosing skin whitening pills to use, you need to keep in mind some of the following criteria:

a genuine product, the origin is clearly shown on the product packaging.

-The product has been tested for safety and is licensed to circulate on the market.

-Types with ingredients that are benign to the body, containing ingredients capable of whitening skin, such as Glutathione, Vitamin C, L-Cysteine, Vitamin E, B vitamins, etc.

-Prioritize the selection of oral tablets with scientific research and the application of modern production technologies that are used and appreciated by users in the market.


At this point, Hanvely has answered for you the question, "Is it good to use skin whitening pills?" and should be the criteria for choosing an appropriate and safe type of pill. Find out the information to make the right choice for yourself and regain the beauty of your skin!